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ISEE Length: Primary Level (takes 53 min + writing sample); Lower Level (takes  2 hours 20 min); Middle level ( takes 2 hours 40 min); Upper Level (Takes 2 hours 40 min)

ISEE Test Options: Primary level (Grades 2-4); Lower level (Grades 5-6); Middle level (Grades 7-8); Upper level(Grades 9-12)

ISEE Tests: Verbal, Math, Writing and Reading Comprehension

Test Dates: Fall (Aug-Nov); Winter (Dec-March); Spring (April-July)

Registration Cost: Online/Mail Registration​ : $105 ; Phone Registration: $130

Score Range: Each section has a range from 760-940

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Relevant Information 

SSAT Length: Elementary level (takes 2 hours 5 min); Middle & Upper levels (both take 3 hours 5 min)

SSAT Test Options: Elementary level (Grades 3-4); Middle level (Grades 5-7); Upper level (Grades 8-11)

SSAT Tests: Verbal, Math, and Reading Comprehension

Test Dates: Offered October - June

Registration Cost: Elementary level-$80; Upper and Middle level- $120

Score Range: Elementary Level ​is scored on a scale of 440 to 710; Middle/Upper level is scored on a scale of 500 to 800

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